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Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged communities.


  • purchasing kitchen equipment to produce food for isolated seniors living by themselves
  • purchasing a vehicle to help elderly and people with disabilities attend their hospital appointment
  • running a literacy and numeracy program for children with learning difficulties

Category 1 Application – financial support
Category 1 In-Kind Application – waived room hire, signed jersey, discount catering, non-financial support

Category 2

Category 2 funding are for projects that affect within an internal community like schools and grassroot sports. Please note that Canterbury has a very limited pool of funding for Category 2 projects due to our commitment to the sport of rugby league, junior rugby league and Bulldogs Rugby League Club.


  • purchasing any new equipment / infrastructure for schools
  • providing sponsorship for local community sports team
  • fundraiser to help a sick child / family in need
  • veterans welfare activites like the Lakemba RSL Sub-Branch ANZAC Day activities

Category 2 Application – financial support
Category 2 In-Kind Application – waived room hire, signed jersey, discount catering, non-financial support

Out of scope category

This is for applications which do not fit into either of the above Categories or for requests which are not currently ClubGRANTS eligible.

Out of Scope Application

If you are unsure of which category your request falls under, please call 9704 7763.

How to Apply

  1. Register your profile on
  2.  Select the type of funding, please see above for category description.
  3. Fill in project name and amount requested. As you are applying directly to Canterbury League Club please disregard the LGA name. Make sure in ‘Club Name’, you’ve selected Canterbury League Club. Click next.
  4. The next page will bring up the application form. Complete this form and then click ‘Submit’ to finish.
  5. The submitted project will now show up on your ‘My Applications’ dashboard. You can also save your application form without submitting it first if you need to leave and come back.
  6. Once you submit, your application will now appear on Canterbury’s dashboard and will proceed from there at the next monthly Board meeting. Please allow 6-8 weeks to hear a response.


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